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Welcome to

Solution Hybrid

 Poised to make a quantum leap in automotive technology.

Solution Hybrid

Propelling the Automobile into the Future

Simplicity of design is the hallmark of energy efficiency! Plainly stated, the less moving parts a machine has, the less friction it produces and hence the less energy it consumes. This Principle is the Genesis for our innovative Solution Hybrid Designs!


The Science of Efficiency!

Project Goal

To design and create a different type of plug in hybrid vehicle (lots of Air / little Fossil Fuel) that closely replicates today's state of the art automobile and yet exceeds at least 100 MPG under real world conditions, by producing the highest energy efficiency possible using existing technologies.  

Do we really need to have cars averaging only around 24 MPG?? 

Mission Statement 

Solution Hybrid is a company dedicated to solving the Global Warming Crises through innovation and conservation of our natural resources. As a secondary goal we are working toward producing and selling products that encourage energy independence.

We are currently engaged in the design and development of a revolutionary high efficiency compressed air motor for use in a plug-in hybrid automobile.

We are confident that a vehicle with our chamber management motor and a progressive air logic drive configuration will make 100+ MPG a reality.

It is our goal to bring this technological innovation to the marketplace without the usual industry resistance to radical energy efficiencies. We believe that an organization unencumbered by typical industry bureaucracy has the greatest potential for success and will have the maximum ability to fast track new concepts. With the current global warming crises we believe that time is of the essence. With this in mind we are diligently working on multiple fronts in an effort to maximize a successful conclusion to our project. This web sight is just one of those fronts, presented to the public in order to gather support for our endeavor.

We are trying to offer ONLY products that we can honestly say work as they are advertised. With this in mind we personally test all the PRODUCTS we sell and will only recommend products that we have personally used and found to meet the highest standards. There are a lot of people making claims that they cannot justify. We are not one of those companies. Our goal is to solve the Global Warming Crises not to exacerbate it by consuming the planets energy making and selling products that don’t work!

To learn more click here: SOLUTION or navigate this web site to find out what we are doing to save the planet!

We are looking for funding in the form of grants or investors and welcome any networking advice or grant funding sources you can offer.

If you would like to know more about Solution Hybrid or know someone who would be interested in assisting us in our effort, please contact us!  

We welcome all those who wish to join us in this endeavor.

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